Eine Expert*innenplattform zur Förderung des wissenschaftlichen Diskurses

Science for Resilience Conference:
Learnings from the Pandemic

May 23-24, 2022, Lecture Hall at IMP, Vienna Biocenter

About the Event

No one knows what autumn 2022 will bring. But we do have more than two years of experience with the pandemic. What's more, science has learned to make its findings available. Looking ahead, what can we learn from the way the pandemic has been handled so far? And how can newly obtained knowledge be best applied to inform evidence-based decisions? By discussing these questions, the "Science for Resilience" conference aims to promote an open and interdisciplinary culture of debate in Austria. We are delighted to have presenters from Austria as well as from abroad to tackle various topics related to the pandemic:

Richard Pebody (WHO), Erika Vlieghe (Uni Antwerpen), Anna Sagan (London School of Economics), Ruth Waitzberg (TU Berlin), Claudio Radaelli (European University Institute), Barbara Schober (University of Vienna), Ulrich Elling (IMBA), Stefan Thurner (CSH), and many more.

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Please register for participation at event@ihs.ac.at. You can also participate by joining the Zoom meeting. Please note that the conference will be recorded.

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Arne Bathke (Paris Lodron Universität Salzburg), Andreas Bergthaler (MedUni Wien), Ulrich Elling (IMBA), Anita Gottlob (Gesundheit Österreich), Helmut Hönigmayer (IHS), Thomas König (IHS), Claudia Royc (IHS), Andrea Schmidt (Gesundheit Österreich)